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PAMM Environmental Services Limited (PAMM ESL) is an Environmental consulting firm recognized in the industry for her commitment to client service and passion to make a difference.

Environmental Assessment & Management

This entails assessment of the environmental impact (positive and negative) of a plan, policy, program, or actual projects prior to the decision to move forward with the proposed action. We offer wide range of services to help minimize, mitigate and/or ameliorate the impacts of your organizations aspects on the environment.

Environmental Modeling

Environmental Modeling is an important component that helps understand the natural systems and how they react to changing conditions, such as the spatial and temporal implications of the exposure/ introduction of certain substances into the ambient environment.

Environmental Audit

Environmental audit is essentially an environmental management tool for measuring the impact of an organizations aspect on the environment against set criteria and standards. We can assist your organization in conducting studies to evaluate your environmental performance, assess the level of environmental compliance and implement necessary management systems, along with related corrective actions.

Corporate Environmental Management

We can help to develop and implement environmental management framework that suits your organizational aspects.

GIS and Remote Sensing

We can provide Bespoke Geospatial solutions and designs, spatial analytics, cartography, and geodata management services to your esteem organization

Regulatory Affairs

We can advise you during your development process, ensure the generation of the best data for your registration filing, and work with you to develop the optimal regulatory strategy to fit your requirements for the overall success of your project.

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